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While the local names are of cultural significance, the scientific and family names are very important data for any specialist asked to gather further information about the species, such as description, bibliographical references, and possibly pictures.

Example of a search result
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LOCAL NAMES          Genus species               code
FAMOKOKA            Turraea decaryana             MLI
FANDRAVOLAFOTSY     Neohumbertiella decaryi       MLV
FANTSIKAKALAHY      Phyllanthus decaryanus        EUP
FARAHAITSA          Uncarina decaryi              PED
FAREBAZA            Decarya madagascariensis      DDR
FAREHETRA           Uncarina decaryi              PED
FAREHIBAZA          Decarya madagascariensis      DDR
FAREHITSA           Uncarina decaryi              PED
FARETRA             Uncarina decaryi              PED
FARETSY             Uncarina decaryi              PED
HAFODRAMENA         Lasiosiphon decaryi           THY
HANGINOLO           Crotalaria decaryana          PPL
JAPY                Operculicarya decaryi         ANA
KINDRO              Neodypsis decaryi             PAL
KITONDA             Medenilla decaryi             MLA
KIVOLAVOLA          Impatiens decaryana           BLS
LAFITRA             Viscum decaryi                LOR
MAHATORA            Claoxylon decaryanum          EUP
MALAMARAVY          Allophyllus decaryi           SAP
MANAGO              Zanthoxylum decaryi           RUT
MANONGO             Zanthoxylum decaryi           RUT
MANONGOVOLA         Zanthoxylum decaryi           RUT
MARAPATERE          Decarya madagascariensis      DDR
MATAVOLA            Crotalaria decaryana          PPL
MOKARANANA          Macaranga decaryana           EUP
MOKARANAVAVY        Macaranga decaryana           EUP
RAISAKO             Dombeya decaryi               STE
RAMIARY             Senecio decaryi               COM
RANOTETIKY          Melhania decaryana            STE
REBIA               Acalypha decaryana            EUP
REMOTINY            Hypoestes decaryana           ACT
ROARAVINA           Capitanopsis decaryi          LAB
SANDRAHAKIBO        Acalypha decaryana            EUP
SARIAMBATRY         Crotalaria decaryana          PPL
SOMORONA            Viscum decaryi                LOR
TADIKITRA           Acalypha decaryana            EUP
TELOLAFY            Neodypsis decaryi             PAL
TELOZORO            Neodypsis decaryi             PAL
TSIFOLABOAY         Phyllanthus decaryanus        EUP
TSIFOLAHY           Paramelhania decaryana        EUP
VALO                Dombeya decaryi               STE
VOLOSARONA          Nastus decaryanus             GRA
VONTRANAMALONA      Vanilla decaryana             ORC
ZAHAMBO             Mammea decaryanus             GUT