of Madagascar's
Animal and Plant species

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This web-based data retrieval system allows you to search for the local and scientific names of a plant (right window), or of an animal species grouped as follow:

Lemurs   |   Reptiles   |   Birds   |   Others

Please read the Disclaimer   and the following information about the databases before you use this system.

    The databases accessed through this web page are not yet complete. Our goal is first to gather all Madagascar's known vernacular names of animals and plants. Then a progressive attempt of formalization will be made. In other words, local names which can designate unambiguously a species or a taxon will be selected.
    As an example, the Lemur species' list is no longer an exhaustive list of all recorded lemurs' local names, but a taxonomically formalized list.
    We do believe that this could be an useful utility for several people - from the common medicinal plant users, to the researchers in the field.  The databases will be updated now and then for addition and/or correction as the work is advancing.

to complete this project?

This project was initiated and is being maintained by   LEMUR DOLLS


    This web page is designed to provide information in regard of the subject matter. It is the purpose of its designer/owner to relate species' vernacular names with the most accurate scientific information. However, the database is still incomplete and there may be errors in its compilation.
    You are encouraged to use this information system "as is", and to cite it in references, with the understanding that its provider and owner shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information retrieved from here.

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