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Please write your order to lemurdolls@yahoo.com     We will include   a FREE ringtailed lemur keychain!        
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The regular delivery time from Madagascar is ten days to Europe, and three weeks to the Americas and Asia.      

MAKY   Ref.# S8   Ringtailed lemur        $14.95
  Lemur catta       7" body with 11" flexible tail

VARIMENA   Ref.# S10    $12.00
Red-ruffed lemur     Variecia rubra
7" body with 10" flexible tail

      AHIAHY   Ref.# S9      Aye-Aye       $14.95
        Daubentonia madagascariensis
          7" body with 9" tail.

   "My order arrived today! What a great doll! This little guy is so cute!"
    Tracy, in MD - USA
   "The lemurs arrived this morning. They 're ACE!"
    Paul, in UK
   "They arrived in very good condition! I like them very much indeed. It is so nice to have toys
    handmade in the country of origin!"
    Angela, in New Zealand
   "these are the best Aye-Aye toys I have seen by far."
    Heather, in France
   "The Ahiahy arrived and is absolutely beautiful!"
    Donna, in NC - USA

      MAKY   Ref.# S24     $9.95
  Ringtailed lemur       Lemur catta
        6" body with 8" tail
SAFIRA   Ref.# S25
Sapphire           $9.95
Lemur catta (albinos)
6" body with 8" tail

VARIKANDA   Ref.# S7     Black-and-white ruffed lemur     $12.00
Varecia variegata     7" body with 10" tail.

3"   Keychains  
are $3.50 each

  MAKY   Ref.# K2
  Ring-tailed lemur
  Lemur catta

  SIMPOMAVO   Ref.# K4
  Golden-crowned Sifaka
  Propithecus tattersalli

  TSIBAHAKA   Ref.# K5
  Coquerel's sifaka
  Propithecus coquereli

  Ref.# K6
Female Black lemur
  Eulemur macaco

  Ref.# K7
  Male Black lemur
  Eulemur macaco

Please write your order to   lemurdolls@yahoo.com     We will include   a FREE ringtailed lemur keychain!

  Ref.# K8
  Red-ruffed lemur
  varecia rubra
  Ref.# K9
  ruffed lemur
  varecia variegata

  SIFAKA   Ref.# K10
  Verreaux's sifaka
  Propithecus verreauxi

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